The OPEN Daily : Submission Guidelines

What submissions we’ll accept:

The OPEN Daily is family friendly and open to almost all content you care to submit. Almost, but not all. There are some topics we won’t knowingly list, such as porn, personal attacks, and negative reviews, among others. We make every effort to monitor all submissions, and if one doesn’t fit our criteria, it won’t make it on The OPEN Daily. We also reserve the right not to accept any listing we feel is inappropriate, for any reason we choose. (It is our website, after all, and we get to make the rules.)

That said, if something happens to get past us and end up in the OPEN Daily that doesn’t seem right to you, please let us know.

When your submission will run:

We make every effort to run your submitted listing in a timely manner, when we feel it’s appropriate, and when it will fit in the email. We make no guarantees about when an item will run. If an event is time-sensitive, please do let us know that by emailing; it does help to know that kind of information. But again, we can’t make any guarantees.

When your submission DOES run:

Please let the world know! Social media marketing depends on word-of-click. When you pass on information to other people, the list grows and the word spreads.

Thanks for submitting!

– The OPEN Daily team