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Angry Dog Walker Topples Over Vendor’s Food Cart

HOLLYWOOD ( — An ugly argument ends with a guy’s temper boiling over and it was caught on tape.

A man walking his dog who did not want to go around the food car

The street vendor tells the guy with the dog to pass – in Spanish.

The man says to the vendor  “Are you going to move the cart? or I will.”

Seconds later you see the dog walker hand the dog’s leash to the woman with him and then he turns the cart over on its side.

The vendor then squirts what looks like ketchup in the other guy’s direction.

After more words are exchanged, the couple walks off with the vendor’s cart still upended. The 24-year-old vendor’s father spoke to CBS2’s Tom Wait about what happened.

The father of the vendor says his son is very upset and will likely have to find a new spot to work. He says the guy who toppled the cart could have handled this very differently.

“I would say to him why would  you do such a thing because what he did was not right. It would have been better if he had just called the police to say don’t sell there.”

Police say they have identified the man and he is facing a vandalism charge.



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