Save on Your Electric Bill

Join in LA’s most affordable rooftop solar program. Open Neighborhoods Community Solar helps you purchase solar power for your home or business with a significant discount, no upfront costs and immediate savings on your electric bill:

  • Up to 33% discount with our selected installer, PermaCity — starting at $4.40 per Watt of solar power installed, plus tax.
  • Zero down lease options from Clean Power Finance and Sun Power.
  • Residential, commercial or multi-family.
  • Neighborhood solar workshops.

Call (310) 893-3100 for details and ask about the Open Neighborhoods Community Solar discount, or register below to participate.

Free Rooftop Assessment

Request a free solar assessment to learn how much your home, business, or multi-family community can save with community solar.


Open Neighborhoods Community Solar


Program Details

The Open Neighborhoods Community Solar team has selected PermaCity through a competitive bidding process to offer discounted pricing on residential, commercial, and multi-family solar projects in Los Angeles County. Request a free solar assessment by April 30, 2012 to receive up to 33% discount on solar purchase or lease.

Why Participate?

  • Free solar assessment of your home or business.
  • A pre-negotiated group discount.
  • Cash rebates from LADWP and SoCal Edison.
  • 30% federal tax credit.
  • Zero down lease option with monthly payment less than your electric bill.

About Open Neighborhoods Community Solar

The Open Neighborhoods community solar program began in 2009 with a group of eco-minded Los Angeles residents who joined together to flex their group purchasing power and make a bigger impact in their community. Over 130 residents participated in a series of events and free solar assessments in 2009. Solar panels were installed on 32 homes in what became the largest group solar installation in LA history.


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