Expert Advice Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 8:00 am

Happiness Tips From Lynn Zavaro

Lynn has given us 6 Tips For Happiness to share with you. Check back each Thursday to read them all.

Tip Number One: Surrender.  To embrace happiness, relieve stress, and move through fear surrender any expectations you may have and release attachments to any results or outcomes you desire. We can do our best – give it our all, yet how it turns out isn’t always necessarily up to us. We don’t always know why something happens in the way that it does or even when it may happen, so we have opportunity to let go of having to get what we want exactly as we want it right now. Perhaps, you want that new job now when a better one might just be around the corner, or you are planning an event and you feel like you can’t rely on anyone else to help you make it happen successfully without mistakes. Practice the quality of surrender. Let go of anything you may be gripping or holding onto just for today.

Lynn Zavaro is an author and artist who has emerged as a defining voice in the art of guiding others to know themselves and create the life they want through the lens of spiritual psychology. She has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and has worked in a clinic counseling individuals, couples, children and youth groups. Lynn developed a series of interactive and experiential books and games to support others in having fun while artfully discovering themselves on their creative life paths. Her book and card deck set, The Game of You – An Interactive Way to Know Yourself, Create the Life You Want releases this Fall 2010 from Schiffer Publishing. Find out more about Lynn, her upcoming workshops, and play a free sample game on her website: Lynn also writes a weekly food blog combining The Game of You cards with a little insight, story and a recipe or two: She lives in Venice, CA.

  • Sarah T

    This tip is so key! I used to think surrender was resignation but with some practice, I’ve seen it isn’t. And it IS a practice, isn’t it? Brava, Lynn!

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