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Former LADWP CEO David Nahai to Participate in Solar Gardens Event in Santa Monica

Solar GardensA group of distinguished clean energy and environmental advocates will be participating in a free reception and panel discussion with Joy Hughes and the Colorado-based Solar Gardens Institute this Thursday October 18, 2011 at 6pm at Working Village in Santa Monica (212 Marine Street).

Presented by Open Neighborhoods and PermaCity, the event will feature a discussion of Colorado’s Community Solar Gardens Act of 2010, and a comparison to California’s proposed solar gardens bill (SB 843 Community-Based Renewable Energy Self-Generation Program).  The concept is designed to allow renters to access “solar gardens” in their local community and receive solar savings as if the panels were installed on their own roof.


A panel of special guests will discuss the proposed SB 843 legislation and its significance to the Los Angeles area.  Participants include:

  • David Nahai, Former CEO of Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
  • Evan Gillespie, Regional Representative of the Sierra Club
  • Mary Leslie, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Business Council
  • Susan Munves, Energy and Green Building Programs Administrator for the City of Santa Monica
  • Tom Price, Director of Policy and Market Development at Cleanpath Ventures


The Solar Gardens Institute promotes good community energy policy at the federal, state, and local levels, and assists local organizations in organizing, developing, and managing community-owned solar projects everywhere.

Open Neighborhoods is a Certified B Corporation with a mission to connect and inform local neighborhoods. Open Neighborhoods Community Solar brings affordable solar power to LA County communities through solar group purchasing, financing and installation programs.

PermaCity offers specialized end-to-end solutions for commercial, industrial, government and residential projects. PermaCity delivers competitive installation pricing, including bulk-rate aggregation pricing from the world’s largest and highest quality equipment suppliers. In the new world of solar, a PermaCity project is known for system longevity, architectural aesthetics, and highest performance.

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