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SoCal Edison Plans Daylong Blackout in Marina Del Rey. Time to Go Solar?

The LA County Department of Beaches & Harbors reports that Southern California Edison plans an extended power outage in Marina Del Rey for the entire business day from 8am to 5pm on Tuesday February 28th, 2012.

An email alert went out on Wednesday cautioning Marina Del Rey residents to prepare for the outage by unplugging sensitive equipment, manually opening security gates and garage doors, notifying security companies, and renting backup power supplies amongst other measures.

The reason for the blackout is described as “Upgrade & maintenance” though no explanation was provided for why the day-long blackout is necessary.  Customers are advised to visit or call (888) 759-6056 for more information.

To avoid future blackouts, residents and businesses can install solar panels with backup battery systems to reduce reliance on utility-provided electricity.

After a sharp decline in installation costs, rooftop solar power has become a more cost effective and reliable alternative to grid-provided electricity for many property owners.  Learn more about solar energy options for residential, commercial, and multi-family properties and solar group discounts up to 33% through the LA County-wide Open Neighborhoods Community Solar program available through April 30, 2012.


WHO:          Southern CA Edison
WHAT:        Planned Power Outage # 491561
WHEN:       Tuesday, Feb. 28, 8 am – 5 pm
WHY:           Upgrade & maintenance to vault located at:
                    14108 1/2 Tahiti Way
                    Marina del Rey, CA

WHERE:   * All buildings (residential & commercial) on Tahiti Way
                   * All buildings in Mariners Village
                   * Traffic & street lights at Admiralty & Tahiti Way
                   * Traffic & street lights at Admiralty & Palawan Way

For more info, visit or call (888) 759-6056.

How to Prepare:
1. Visit for info on refrigerated food
2. Unplug sensitive electronic equipment (computers, TV)
3. Manually open security gates & garage doors
4. Notify any security companies that monitor your home or business
5. Business customers without a backup power supply should rent one, if needed
6. If you use a backup generator & haven’t registered the info with SCE, please let them know before the outage so their employees can be protected from electrical backfeed.

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